Catholic’s Divorce Survival Guide

Catholic’s Divorce Survival Guide


The Catholic’s Divorce Survival Guide was created to bring hope and healing to divorced and separated Catholics. With the help of counselors, theologians, and priests, you can go from pain and loneliness to hope and healing. Practical advice meets pastoral care, with the help of experts and others who have suffered through divorce. As they witness to their pain and to the redemptive power of Christ, you will laugh, cry, and identify with their journey from heartache to healing.

All course content and materials are faithful to the Catholic teaching, generated by experts in the fields of Catholic psychology, theology, and spiritual direction. The course will be led by a facilitator trained and overseen by the Archdiocese of New York’s Family Life/Respect Life Office.

Please Note: For any information on annulments in the Archdiocese of New York, please contact the Archdiocese Tribunal at 646-794-3224.

Course Outcomes

  • Discover how to work through the emotions of separation and divorce.
  • Experience personal healing and hope.
  • Gain wisdom and comfort from others who share your experiences.
  • Address questions of forgiveness and new family dynamics.
  • Obtain an understanding of the annulment process.

Course Outline

Part 1: Getting Your Bearings | Finding Right Direction | Getting Through Your Anger | Finding Perfect Peace
Part 2: Learning to Forgive | Dealing with Family | Handling Money Wisely | Finding Perfect Power
Part 3: Seeing God in Romance | Relearning How to Date | Loving All Church Teachings | Finding Perfect Passion


Course Cost

GuideBook-ClearBackground_LongThe cost for the course is $10 (in cash or check, due at the time of the first class session) plus the cost of the required guide, “The Catholic’s Divorce Survival Guide – Personal Survival Guide” which you need to purchase directly from the publisher before class (click on the green link below).

The $10 fee helps to cover the cost of refreshments and break snacks for the 12 weeks. The required book is $14.95 plus any tax/shipping.

This Personal Survival Guide is simple and easy to use, providing Survival Points and Take Home Tips that correspond to the DVD Sessions. It also contains plenty of space for journaling notes and reflections, helping the lessons to take root in the heart.




At the present time we have three courses available. However we are growing and we are finalizing the course details for other cities/counties.    Please check back later for more offerings.





The Catholic’s Divorce Survival Guide